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About Railway Refund Calculator

  • If a confirm ticket is cancelled before 48 hours of departure time, the cancellation charge will be something like this.
    AC First Class: Rs 240
    AC 2 Tier: Rs 200
    AC 3 Tier / AC Chair Car: 180 Rupees
    Sleeper class: Rs. 120
    Second Class: Rs 60
  • If a confirm ticket is cancelled before 48 to 12 hours before leaving the train then 25 percent of the fare will be deducted as a cancellation charge.
  • f a Confirm ticket is cancelled between 12 to 4 hours for the departure of the train, then the cancellation charge will be 50% of the fare. If confirmed tickets are not canceled until 4 hrs or if TDR (ticket deposit receipt) is not filled online, then no refund can be claimed.
  • If any RAC or Waiting List ticket is cancelled until 30 minutes before the departure of the train then the refund will be available.
  • E-ticket is cancelled only through the internet and the refund amount will be credited to the same account, from which payment was made.
  • If the train is delayed for more than 3 hours due to any reason, then in this case if the ticket is cancelled,, no cancellation charge will be taken.
  • If any train is canceled and you have e-ticket, you do not even need to fill a TDR.
  • Reservation has been taken from the window and if the train is cancelled, ticket can be cancelled within three days, including on the day of travel. There will also be no cancellation charge in this.
  • No refund will be given in case of cancellation of confirm tatkal ticket. If the train is running late for more than 3 hours or has been cancelled, you will have to file a TDR and make a refund claim.
  • If there is a confirm ticket for some passengers in ticket booked in group on the internet, and rest is in RAC or waiting, then for the cancellation of such tickets, the clerical charges (about 60 rupees) from the confirmed tickets is deducted and the rest is refunded. . The thing to keep in mind is that online tickets will be cancelled online or TDR has been filed online 30 minutes before the scheduled time of running the ticket.