Mauritius Travel Guide

Mauritius is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean. People from all over the world coming here to see the beauty of this scenic country. In Mauritius, the magic of nature's beauty, on the rage, speaks upwardly. This is why Mauritius is also known as 'Dreamland'. Even today, there is no better places for honeymoon for newlywed couples than Mauritius.

It is a perfect honeymoon spot and a great place for holidays and vacations in any season. You will love the fascinating culture, colorful festivals and tradition. Cool beaches with white sands and sweet smiling locals make this place even more beautiful. The beautiful sandy beach of where charming the tourists. The fun here is the temptation to visit the tourists repeatedly.

Places to visit in Mauritius

Mauritius, there are beautiful beaches, 'Peri-Beri', 'Grandbay' etc. In the south, 'Blue Bay' beach is worth seeing. Located on the west coast, 'Pleik in Lac' attracts tourists, while what to say about ‘Ile aux Cerfs ' on the east coast. The blue sea magic does not end here. 'Blue Safari' submarine is present in your service to enjoy the hidden world inside the ocean.

BLACK RIVER GEORGE NATIONAL PARK : This park located in the south-western side of the island will find many rare species of birds, which are reported in danger. If you are fond of birds, you can also find a special parrot- Echo Parakeet here. Apart from the special species of monkeys and deer, these parks can also relax your mind. That is, if you are thinking of taking a break from city crowd, the greenery of this park can prove to be a natural refreshment for you. Looking at the extinct trees like Dodo, you will not realize that you are in a tropical paradise.

Grand Bassin: This place is located a short distance from the city of Mare aux Vacoas. Two lakes meet this place in a sleeping volcano in the island. It is also a Hindu religious place. There is a grand ritual organized on Mahashivaratri.

Ile aux Cerfs : Located on the eastern coast of Mauritius, this white sand beach is unique among itself. This beach with green trees and blue waters create magical effect by which tourist get stunned. Here you will experience strange kind of peace which can enlighten your heart.

La Vanille Nature Park : There are large crocodiles, giant bats, turtles and monkeys in this park, which are crowded all the time to see.

Port Louis : The country's largest city Port Louis is the capital of this country. At the time of the day, there is a bustling atmosphere, the nightlife of this city is very happening and attracts large number of tourist across the world.

Black water river : Located in Mauritius, the black water river is very beautiful. It attracts both tourists and birds. You will find 140 types of birds and 300 types of flowers and plants here. Are there. If you go there, you will get to see the pink pigeon bird. These birds are found in very few places.

Le Morne Brabant : This place is located in the south of Mauritius country. Beautiful hotels are all around, from which there is a glimpse of the Marne mountain. In this hill, many stories of Mauritius's history are hidden.

Chamarel fallsThe Chamarel falls are definitely the most famous waterfalls in Mauritius and has always been a main attraction for tourists in Mauritius. You simply cannot afford to miss the magnificent. These waterfalls form from river St.Denis have a height of 83m (272ft). The waterfalls are surrounded by lush vegetation of Black River Gorges.Here you can also find seven color land which also very famous among the tourists.

Horse Riding : For an experience of a lifetime, choose any of beach rides along one of the most breath-taking beaches in Mauritius, either in Le Morne or Belle Mare. For a more romantic atmosphere, couples can also go for their horse ride activity in the afternoon in the soft light of sunset.

Sir Sevusgar Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens : The city's most visited tourist attraction is Sir Sevusgar Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens. The incense of sandalwood, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom is very common here.

To go to Mauritius, the weather is fine all year round. But June to August and December to February are the most suitable for tourists. One thing to know about Mauritius is that there is no cold or cold scorching heat in India, nor is it scorching heat. On average, the temperature is 22 to 34 degrees Celsius. Here is the month of September to September. In which light woolen clothing is needed. Since Mauritius is a nation with international standards in terms of cleanliness and modalities, so take care of common formalities and precautions. India's native style will not work there.

Mauritius Visa fee for Indian Citizens

Indian citizens traveling to Mauritius for tourist purposes will be granted a 60 day visa on arrival on submission of a valid return ticket, that they are eligible to re-enter their country of origin or residence and have adequate funds to meet the cost of stay. Persons want to spend more than 60 days in Mauritius for any purpose will still have to apply for a visa.

Mauritius trip Budget 

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Things you must know before buying tour package

Check that the travel agency is licensed by local Tourism Department. The license should be displayed properly on their website. Check the online rating of travel agency on different forums.