Maldives trip - Country of Islands

Maldives is composed of many islands, an island country located in the Indian Ocean and is situated near the Indian subcontinent. Unmatched luxury, amazing white sand beaches and wonderful underwater world makes Maldives your first choice. Maldives is home to the best beaches in the world. There are 1200 islands in this country, some beaches claim to be better than others, but the truth is that almost anywhere else on earth, you won’t get white sand beaches and bright blue water beaches better than these beaches.

Each resort has its own private island in the Maldives, and the world's best hotels compete with other hotels. It is not surprising that Maldives is always at the top of honeymoon couples wish list. Honeymoon is big business in Maldives and atmosphere of the Maldives is full of romance. Most of the passengers are on their honeymoon journey. Every hotel and employee is trained to serve honeymoon couple as per their likes and dislikes. Sharks of the Maldives are very famous all over the world and attract thousands of divers every year for the Maldives. Maldives is considered as a paradise for divers.There are many types of sharks in the Maldives. Maldives is a place where there is more sea than land. Maldives underwater activities has no limit and here you can enjoy any kind of water activities which are famous in other part of world. If you want to celebrate your honeymoon with your partner, and you are looking for an intimate and amazingly beautiful place, then no places better then Maldives exist in World.

Maldives Visa 

There is no need for a visa beforehand to arrive in Maldives. On arrival at all the places of arrival, tourists are given 30 days free visa.

Things to do maldives and Places to visit in Maldives

Scuba Diving: Since Water is visible every where in maldives, so all the activities here are connected to it. Either you enjoy them or keep yourself in your cottages comfortably. Almost every resort in Maldives has a scuba diving arrangement. There are also diving schools and courses for the learners. Diving goes throughout the year. Every resort has its own sea wall (reef) under the island, so that there is no hurdle in diving during sharp waves or winds.

Underwater photography: If you choose diving then try this too. Experts say that it is one of the best places in the world for underwater photography. Such varieties of coral reefs and fish are rarely elsewhere. If you are bother about the camera then underwater cameras are also available in the diving schools here.

Snorkeling: It is a swim under the surface of the water by putting a diving mask and floating claws. Its main motive is to get familiar of life inside the water, especially for those who do not wish to go deep. Its equipment is also available mostly in the resort. This experience is also very impressive because you can see fifty meters away in clear water here.

Submarine Trip: The right to enjoy the depth of the sea is not only for diving and snorkeling. The recent rise in the adventures of the Maldives is of the German submarine, which can show everyone underwater world-in the air-conditioned atmosphere with friends and friends. It is the world's deepest and biggest passenger submarine, which can descend a hundred feet below sea level and introduce you to the world that was only open for scuba divers. This is not good to miss the chance to enjoy this option during your Maldives trip as this kind of highly secure environment to see the underwater life is not available everywhere in the world. 

Surfing: This experience seems to be a little new but faster for the Maldives. Now the surfing championship is also started in Maldives and surfer from all over the world come here to compete with each other.

Whale and dolphins: This is little known facts among the people that the count of the Maldives is in five best places of the world in terms of whales and dolphins watching. Twenty varieties of these two fishes are in the sea of Maldives (this number is the fourth of their total varieties). Among them, the Giant Blue Whale (the world's largest creature) ranges from very small but equally well acrobatic fish Spinner Dolphin.

There are many thousands of spinner dolphins here. Seeing them and understanding their everyday life is also very exciting in itself. Their routine is so certain that they can be seen at one place at a set time on daily basis. The viewing of these dolphins in their natural environment can’t be a better place than the Maldives. To see more closely, the arrangement of cruise on safari boat is everywhere. This will also be a memorable experience.

Maldives resorts: Resorts of Maldives compete to give you this experience of the sea. If the seas do not entice you, then the Maldives is not for you. But if that is so, you will surely be deprived of seeing an unsurpassed place. Every resort here tries to establish that the greater number of tourists can be established with the blue sea. That's why people do not come here, who like the blows. Here people come who are looking for peace. Those people who want to reduce their relationship to the outside world for a while. Those people who want to give some relaxation to their heart-brains tired of everyday life. Those people who want to get started with new zeal, getting fresh and ready to work with new energy. That's why now most of the resort has now opened Spa therapy centers for their guests.

Cruise Boat Ride : If the resort can’t satisfy your mind then you also have the option of a cruise boat. The Maldives Tourist Board has details of not one or two full 71 cruise boat. Do a thorough investigation and choose your favorite finger. It is of course that cruise boat provides you with the opportunity of a wonderful tour of almost 1200 Coral Islands of the Maldives. How many of these walks can really be done, it depends on you. You must have heard of Safari in the game reserve but the cruise boat of Maldives takes you to a diving safari. This is the best way to feel the amazing, colorful marine life. 

Male City Tour : Apart from all those who want to take a glimpse of the Maldives with a little escape from the sea, there are many hotels in the capital Malé for them. Male is the only place in the Maldives that gives you a feeling of being among the urban population.
Sultan Park, with welcome shade trees along with the National Museum and the golden-domed Grand Friday Mosque are main attraction of male city.You can also enjoy shopping in local market male city.

Best time to visit Maldives

The best time to visit the Maldives – is between November and April. These months constitute summers in Maldives and is also the peak tourist season. Temperature during these month remain pleasant and best for outdoor activities.

Maldives trip Budget

Travel cost by Flight : Rs 20000- Rs 24000

Accommodation : Guest House-1500 , Economy – 4000 , Resort – 8000

Food : Veg – 800 , Non-Veg and seafood – 1200 , Fast food –700

Drinks : Water bottle – 40 , Beer – 350 , Bottle of Wine– 2000

Local transport : Ferri–600 ,Speed Boat-1000 ,Luxury Yacht-3000

Intercity transport : Ferri–600 ,Speed Boat-1000 ,Luxury Yacht-3000, Seaplane -2000

Adventure Activities : Snorkeling -2200,Turtle watching-600, Morning Fishing-2500,Night fishing-1800, Dolphin Watching- 3000, Submarine Tour-7500,Islands tour-2000

Entry fee – Sultan Park and National Museum-120,Cultural Shows-500

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