Italy Travel Guide

In Italy, the beaches, lakes and hills claim an extraordinary holiday. Interacting with history, art, food, music, architecture, culture, sacred sites, attractive villages, picturesque illustrations and friendly people - there are many things to do in Italy. Whenever you go, you will be fascinated by the wonderful mysteries of Italy.

Places to visit in Italy

Rome - Rome is Surrounded by 7 hills from all four sides. It is believed that the world's finest architecture is in Rome only. If you are an art lover, you will meet several museums in Rome. The Vatican Museum is famous all over the world, where you will find many creatives. It would not be wrong to say that Rome for art lovers is like a dream destination. It is believed that to show love, there is no better place then Rome.

There is also a lot of options for food in Rome. Here are many popular cuisines that are liked worldwide. The special thing is that the food here, as a healthy food, is fame all over the world. The food here is also seen in neighboring countries of Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. If you want to enjoy nightlife then there are many options for this in Rome. There are many bars and nightclubs here, where parties run overnight.

Places to Visit in Rome

Trastevere - The river Tiber flows in Rome and the city on the other side of the river is called Trastevere. This trendy city has thin streets, stone streets, beautiful gardens, lots of churches and an excellent restaurant.

Piazza Delle - There are many well known piazas in Rome. For example, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and Campo de 'Fiori. Piazza is designed by Piazza del Michelangelo in the 16th century, which is very beautiful to look at. Its most typical thing is its texture.

The Trevi Fountain - The huge Fontaine di Trevi is located at the junction of three roads. It is the largest fountain in Rome and is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world. It remains surrounded by tourists all the time. The tradition of throwing coins is going on for centuries. Atmosphere here in the evening worth to watch.

Basilica di San PietroBasilica di San Pietro are in Vatican City. The magnificent squire designed by Bernini leads to the most sacred Catholic sites. This church is gorgeously decorated and a beautiful artwork of Michael Enzo, The Piata is also installed here.

Venice - Beautiful canal, architecture, culture and romantic people of city make Venice a perfect place for the holidays. Take a romantic traditional  wooden boat ride through the Grand Canal and watch a musician performing live.There are many magnificent palaces giving evidence of the history here. There are many prestigious churches. The importance of the city is evident from the fact that the opportunity to host many international events is continuously available. The Venice Film Festival places a reputation for filmmaking around the world. Likewise, the wait of the Carnival of Venice lasts for a whole year. Venice is an important tourist destination for its celebrated art and architecture.

Places to visit in Venice

Saint Mark's BasilicaSaint Mark's Basilica is most famous church of Venice and is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice in northern Italy. It is one of the best known examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. The interior is based on a Greek cross, with each arm divided into three naves with a dome of its own as well as the main dome above the crossing. This is based on Constantine's Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople.

The Doge's Palace - The Doge's Palace is a palace built in Venetian Gothic style, and one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Venice in northern Italy. The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the utmost authority of the former Republic of Venice.It also has a beautiful Museum in the premises. The oldest part of the palace is the wing overlooking the lagoon, the corners of which are decorated with 14th-century sculptures and beautiful art works of stone.

Bell tower of St. Mark (Campanile di San Marco) - The top of the tower offers great views of Venice and the lagoon.

Gallerie dell’AccademiaThe Gallerie dell’Accademia (Accademia Galleries) in Venice is one of the great museums of the world and has one of the finest collections of Venetian art. The museum is situated on the south side of the Grand Canal, in the Sestiere Dorsoduro district, at the foot of the Accademia Bridge.

Rialto market and the Rialto Bridge - The Rialto market is for shoppers and shopping here is slightly less expensive than other part of Venice.

Grand Canal - It is a channel in Venice, Italy. It forms one of the major water-traffic corridors in the city and also known as heart of city.The banks of the Grand Canal are marked with more than 170 buildings, most of which date from the 13th to the 18th century.

St Mark's SquareSt Mark's Square is the main public square of Venice, Italy and everyone comes to see this place. Saint Mark's Square is probably one of the most beautiful square in the world.

The Lido di Venezia - The Lido di Venezia is also a popular international luxury destination, attracting thousands of actors, critics, celebrities, and mainly people in the cinematic industry. The city also relies heavily on the cruise business
Venice gondola - There are 350 gondola in small Venice. There is no taxi to go from one place to another, only the gondola is taken because the city is actually settled on many islands. Venice Gondola ride is life time memorable moment with beautiful buildings with old wooden architecture on the both side of banks attract you toward their side.

Milan - Milan is considered as business hub with strengths in the field of the art, commerce, design, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, services, research, and tourism. While Rome is Italy's political capital, Milan is the country's industrial and financial heart.The city also known as fashion capital of the world along with Paris .It is also home for many famous fashion designers of world. Even though Milan is located in one of the most urbanized regions of Italy, it's surrounded by a belt of green areas and features numerous gardens even in its very centre. It also has many ancient buildings and churches. It is known as luxury shopping destination of world. 

Places to visit in Milan

The Duomo cathedral – it is Dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity and the largest church in Italy. The roof is open to tourists (for a fee), which allows many a close-up view of some spectacular sculpture. The interior of the cathedral includes numerous monuments and artworks.

Royal Palace of Milan - It serves as a cultural centre and home to expositions and exhibitions. The Royal Palace is a cultural centre in the heart of the city. Visitors can admire the halls of the Palace Museum which exhibits many rare art works and sculptures.

Visit the Golden Triangle - This is Milan’s famous shopping streets and Home to the country’s famous designer shops, you should come here for window shopping even if shopping is not affordable for you.

Parco Sempione - it has some really amazing parks. In the centre, just around the corner from the Acquario, you’ll find Parco Sempione, extending north from the back of Castello Sforzesco.

Day sightseeing on a Vintage Tram – It is an important part of the public transport network of Milan, Italy. Elsewhere in the world, a ride on such a cool-looking tram will be rather expensive, but in Milan it will cost you nothing more than an ordinary ticket (€1.50).

Milan street Art - Milan has some great street art. Most of it is found around the Isola district. Another street art hotspot is Corso di Porta Ticinese and the Colonne di San Lorenzo, the area around Via Leoncavallo and Via Gaetano Pini

Italy Visa for Indian Citizens

Indian passport holders can apply for a Schengen Visa at the Embassy of any of the 26 Member States. Schengen Visa is special kind of tourist visa that permit either transit through or an intended stay within the territory of the Schengen Member States for the duration of maximum 90 days.

Visa Fee for Greece for Adults – Rs4400 + Agent fee
Visa fee for Greece for Children - (6-12 years) – Rs2600 + Agent Fee
Visa processing will take at least two week to process.You have to apply for Schengen Visa well before your trip date.

Italy Trip Budget

Travel cost : By Flights : 45000

Accommodation : Budget-3500,Economy – 6000 , Luxury – 9000

Food : Veg – 2000 , Non-Veg and seafood – 3000 , Fast food –1500

Drinks : Water bottle – 70 , Beer – 250 , Bottle of Wine – 1000

Local transport : Gondola -3000, Bus-500, Tram - 400, Traghetto -600

Intercity transport : Train – 2700, Flight-5000, Bus -700

Entry fee for tourist attractions – Total Rs 7000 for below mentioned tourist attractions.

• Doge's Palace ( Venice )
• Bell tower of St. Mark ( Venice )
• Clock tower ( Venice )
• Rialto Bridge ( Venice )
• Fondaco dei Tedeschi ( Venice )
• Campo Santo Stefano ( Venice )
• Saint Mark's Basilica museum ( Venice )
• Saint Mark's Basilica church ( Venice )
• Museums of St. Mark's Square (all Museum)
• Gondola
• Trastevere (Rome)
• The Trevi Fountain (Rome)
• Basilica di San Pietro (Rome)
• Leaning Tower of Pisa & Cathedral rome
• Pinacoteca di Brera Museum (Milan)
• The Duomo (Milan)
• Palazzo Marino (Milan)
• Sempione park (Milan)
• Gardens of the Guastalla (Milan)
• Vintage Tram ride (Milan)
• Wal around Street
• Walk Around beaches

Note - Please check our Italy trip budget calculator for entry fee of individual attractions.

Things to do in Italy : These activities range from Rs 1800 - Rs10000 (Charge Per activitity )

• Gondola Ride
• Cruise dinner
• Kayaking in Venice
• Climb Leaning Tower of Pisa
• Cruise around the beautiful island of Capri by boat
• Climb Monte Solaro (Anacapri)
• Fishing 
• Guide tour of Cities
• Shows and Events
• Art Galleries Tour
• Historic Milan tour

Note - Please check our Italy trip budget calculator for individual acitivity price.

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