Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is one of the most popular places of South-East Asia - from the perspective of tourists and also from cosmopolitan flashes and development perspectives. Hong Kong is a global metropolis and an international financial hub as well as a highly developed capitalist economy. Hong Kong is the most preferred destination for Indian tourists. You can make plans to go here whenever you want as there is no need of Visa for Indian citizens to enter in Hong Kong is the most preferred destination for Indian tourists. Hong Kong business | Very important in terms of business, you can make plans to go here only because any Indian tourist visa for Hong Kong. You just have to have a Vaidya passport to visit Hong Kong. This place is a heaven for shopping Lovers as it provide you lots of option for shopping from street to big shopping malls. Hong Kong meets the needs of all types of tourists, and as a result, you will find great accommodations, hotels, motels and holidays homes, which will fit in every budget.

Places to visit in Hong Kong

Ocean Park - Ocean Park is a famous theme park in Hong Kong, which has attracted tourists for many years with its shows and rides and is still a very famous and important tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

Disneyland Hong Kong - If you are traveling to Hong Kong with children, or you are a child with your own heart, then Disneyland Hong Kong is made for you. Here the rides, Disney parade and the rest of the attractions will make you speechless.

ShenZhen China -  Shenzhen is a very new and beautiful city, which is famous for its magnificent shopping. If you are going to Hong Kong and want to visit Shenzhen then China's visa is easily available on the border. If you want to visit Shenzhen and want to come on the same day, then the easiest way is to travel by train.

Star cruiseIf you want to make your trip to Hong Kong even more memorable, then you should not miss the experience of Star cruise in Hong Kong. It provide you the option to get familiar with luxury and cultural shows of Hong Khong. Victoria Harbor will give you options for all kind of Cruises. They start form evening and float till late night. During these cruises you get the chance to taste the best food, enjoy events and get chance to look Hong Kong with a different perspective.

Macau City - To go to Macau, you only have to take an hour-long ferry from Hong Kong, these boats run almost every hour till late night and come back. Macau is an entertainment city. The famous hotels, shows and casino attracts people from around the world. It is famous all over the world for its nightlife.

Victoria Peak - Victoria Peak is a mountain on the western half of Hong Kong Island. It is also known as Mount Austin, and locally as The Peak. The Peak is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong.It has views of the city and its waterfront. The viewing deck also has coin-operated telescopes that the visitors can use to enjoy the cityscape. The peak has two famous shopping Centre known as the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria, situated adjacent to each other. There are several restaurants on Victoria Peak, most of which are located in the two shopping Centre’s.

Madame Tussauds - Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, is part of the renowned chain of wax museums.it is located at the Peak Tower on Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is the first Madame Tussauds museums in Asia with more than 1100 wax figures of internationally known personalities and many are from Asia. The museum is accessible from Central Hong Kongvia minibus, taxi or Peak Tram and opens all year round from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

Lan Kwai Fong - Lan Kwai Fong is a small square of streets in Central, Hong Kong. It is a popular expatriate haunt in Hong Kong for drinking, clubbing and dining. The street Lan Kwai Fong is L-shaped with two ends joining with D'Aguilar Street. The crowds during special occasions such as Halloween or New Year's Eve put the place at a literal standstill with the large numbers.Street performing has become a new Culture in Hong Kong's street culture. Some of the performers decide to set their stages at Lai Kwai Fong.

Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum - The Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum is located in Kom Tong Hall in central Hong Kong. The museum is accessible within walking distance South from Sheung Wan Station of the MTR. Relics and artifacts on display include Kwan King-leung's marriage certificate bearing Dr Sun's name as a witness, and a seal of "Long Live the Republic of China".

Victoria Harbour - Victoria Harbour is known for its panoramic night view and skyline, particularly in the direction towards Hong Kong Island where the skyline of skyscrapers is superimposed over the ridges behind. Among the best places to view the harbour are the Peak Tower a op Victoria Peak, or from the piazza at the Cultural Centre or the promenade of Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side. Rides on the Star Ferry, including the route between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, are another way to view the harbour and cityscape.

Hollywood Road – It is famous for the magnificent shops, equipped with archeological objects and artifacts that attract every tourist.It is most famous place among the antique lovers.

Stanley Hong Kong - Satnley is a coastal town and a tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Stanley has many bars and restaurants on its waterfront along Stanley Main Street. Stanley is famous for its two beaches: Stanley Main Beach, located on the eastern side of the peninsular, and St. Stephen's Beach, on the western side. Both beaches are sandy and have areas designed for barbecues.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum - Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a museum of history, art and culture in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, located beside the Shing Mun River.It provide comprehensive exhibitions on history, art and culture. The Museum has a number of interactive exhibitions and programmes. It also houses a cafe and museum shop.

Things to Do in Hong Kong

  • Victoria Peak Tram Journey
  • Ngong Ping Cable car
  • The Dragon’s Back Hiking Tour
  • Ziplining at Tung Lung Chau
  • Lamma Island Sea Kayaking and Hiking Tour
  • Pink Dolphin Watching
  • Paintballing
  • Star Cruise trip
  • Symphony of Lights
  • Hong Kong Horse Races
  • Walking through Hong Kong Market
  • Duk Ling – Junk ship ride
  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Dai Pai Dong food street
  • Shopping malls
  • Beaches
  • Visit Qing Vases and Venetian Canals in Macau
  • Disney Land
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Walking with Budha
  • Monket tale theatre

Hong Kong Visa for Indians

For all Indian tourists there is a facility of Visa on Arrival Visa in Hong Kong, which means that any Indian tourist want to go to Hong Kong just need for valid passport and Visa is provided on their arrival on Hong Kong airport. But you need to go there with pr-approval form of Visa on arrival which you can apply online.

Hong Kong Trip Budget

Travel cost : By Flights : Rs 28000 - Rs 40000

Accommodation : Dormitory – 1200, Budget-2400, Economy – 4500 , Luxury – 10000

Food : Veg – 1400 , Non-Veg and seafood – 1800 , Fast food –1000

Drinks : Water bottle – 50 , Beer – 200 , Alcohol –350

Local transport : Bus - 400 ,Metro -550 ,Taxi – 2000, Ferry - 300

Intercity transport : Taxi- 3000 ,Buses-1500 ,Ferry- 1200,Train- 1500

Entry fee – Disney Land -5200 , Disney Land ( Senior citizen) – 1000, Madame Tussauds – 1600, Duk Ling (Junk Ship ) ride – 1800, Hong Kong Heritage Museum – 80, Trip on a Tram – 50, Walking with Budha -400, Monket tale theatre -300 , Hong Kong Horse Races - 600

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